Access ban

ChatContact is an online flirt service, where you can have a fun (erotic) chat conversation with both real members and fictitious profiles (so called ChatPals). Next to real profiles ChatContact contains fictitious profiles as well. These profiles are clearly indicated. It's not possible to rendez vous with these fictitious profiles.

If you come to the conclusion you spend too much time on this website, you can decide to ask our customer service for an access ban. Your IP-address and email address will be blocked for a period of 12 months which inhibits you from using our website. You can contact our customer service for such a voluntary access ban.

In case of concern about a loved one, please also contact our customer service.

By using this web site, you agree to abide by its terms of use and privacy policy. This web site includes fictitious profiles (named ChatPals) for entertainment purposes. Physical arrangements with ChatPals are not possible.